Individual Arrangements and Concessions Individual Arrangements and Concessions

The advice below will help you to report any individual needs to the University which may affect or has affected your performance in exams.

Individual arrangements

If you need an individual arrangement for a course tests or University exams you should visit the Disability Team in the Student Support Service office. They can give advice on the kind of arrangement needed e.g. to cover long term illness, an injury or a disability and the information you will need to supply in support of your application. Examples of individual arrangements include extra time, a small exam room or use of a computer or scribe for your exam.

For more information see the Guidelines for Applying for Individual Arrangements in Examinations.

Specific learning difficulties: sticker system

If you have a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) you may be able to use the sticker system to tell the person marking your exam about your SpLD. The sticker can be attached to your exam paper to tell the marker that the script was produced by a person with a SpLD but as your name is not entered on your exam paper will remain anonymous. Markers will then be expected to mark the papers in accordance with approved guidelines. See Sticker System for Student with a Specific Learning Disability for full information. The use of stickers is optional and is in addition to any individual examination arrangements which have been agreed such as extra time. You do not have to have applied for individual arrangements to use stickers.

You must apply in person in plenty of time before the day of your first exam and it is your responsibility to remember to bring your stickers to exams.


Some students find that circumstances (eg. personal, medical) either before or during the exam, which they could not control, have affected their ability to study for the exam or their performance once in the exam.

If this is the case, you may apply for a concession. You may also apply for a concession to have extra materials if you have a disability (e.g. coloured paper, extra paper, use of a computer, use of a scribe, rest breaks). The Student Support Service has more information that can help you.

To apply for a concession, please submit an Extenuating Circumstances request. This can be done before or immediately after your exam.

In most cases, the concession applied for is the Delayed First Sit.