Concessions - Interruption to Period of Study and Withdrawal Concessions - Interruption to Period of Study and Withdrawal



UEA has a system of support to help you during your period of study help. In certain cases, you may need or want to apply for a concession for a situation that falls outside of school regulations.


Examples of concessions that a student may request include:

  • Admission: Direct admission to a course due to prior learning, readmission to a course following failure or withdrawal.
  • Course Transfers: Transfer between full and part time courses, transfer to a different course within a school or in a different school.
  • Changes to Module Enrolments / Course Profiles: Changes to Module Enrolments after week 2 of a Semester, studying a Module outside of the course profile.
  • Repeat periods of study: Interruption to period of study (long term interruption to studying – see below), repeating study after a failed year or semester.
  • Assessments: Extensions to deadlines for coursework, delayed first sit of exams, good cause for reassessment, individual arrangements for exams.


As there are many factors which can affect your study, working out which kind of concession you need can be complicated. Hub staff are able to talk through any difficulties you are having and advise you if a concession is appropriate and how to apply. You can drop into your Hub or make an appointment to see someone.


Interruption to Period of Study


If you are facing serious personal or medical difficulties outside of your studies you may wish to apply for an interruption to your period of study while these difficulties are resolved. An interruption to period of study is an authorised interruption to your studies for an agreed length of time, i.e. your period of study is suspended for an agreed period with an agreed date on when you can return to study. Interruptions are granted for a variety of reasons e.g. medical, financial, and/or personal. Often the factors which have led to the interruption request have affected academic progress.


If you think you may need to interrupt your study you should first discuss this with your Adviser and then see someone from the Learning and Teaching Service, in your Hub, to discuss your options. All Hubs have meeting rooms where you can talk to staff confidentially.


Interruption to a period of study requires the approval of the University; once the request is granted the University formally writes you with the decision. If you have been granted an interruption, consult the Notice to Students interrupting their period of study; it guides you through Interruption to Period of Study regulations and what you can expect whilst away from your university studies


Withdrawal from your course


If you decide that University study in general, or the UEA in particular, is not right for you at present, you can contact your Adviser to discuss this. If, after talking things over with your Adviser, you are sure that you wish to withdraw from the University, go to your Hub or contact the Learning and Teaching Service to confirm your decision.