Disabilities, SPLDs and Wellbeing Disabilities, SPLDs and Wellbeing

Disabilities and SPLDs

The Disability Team within the Student Support Service offers guidance and support for students who have:


  • physical and sensory disabilities
  • specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia
  • mental health difficulties
  • long term medical conditions
  • temporary disabilities such as broken limbs


Sticker System for Specific Learning Difficulties


If you have a specific learning difficulty (SpLD), the Sticker System shows your marker that your coursework and exam scripts have been submitted by a student with a SpLD; the marker then understands it is to be marked in accordance with the UEA’s SpLD marking guidelines.


If you think you have a SpLD, contact the Student Support Service; they will consider your evidence and issue you with the SpLD stickers once agreed.


Virtual stickers can be applied to coursework submitted electronically. Physical stickers can be used for coursework, course tests and examinations. You are not obliged to use stickers if you do not wish to do so.


Full information on the Sticker System.


Information Services


For those who have additional needs that affect their ability to access the full range of the University’s infrastructure and services (e.g. mobility access, special IT equipment), the University’s Disability Team can provide you with support and solutions. A guide to adjustments for additional needs is available from the Student Support Service.


Student Wellbeing


We understand that your mental health can have a bearing on all aspects of your life, including your academic career. The Student Support Service has Wellbeing and Mental Health Teams on hand to offer guidance and support to students or to those worried about another student.