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Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Bulletin

These bulletins summarise changes to Codes of Practices, policies, regulations etc, each academic year. The 2019 document can be read online or printed out.


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Highlights Newsletter

This is an internal publication that aims to raise the profile of teaching and learning across UEA. It publishes articles on a wide range of subjects relating to learning and teaching at UEA, for example teaching practices, evaluating different teaching methods, articles from students on their experiences, funding, the Higher Education Academy, new modules, courses and degree programs, teaching excellence awards, events, new initiatives, innovation, recent publications relating to education and more.

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Author's Guide


Learning Highlights welcomes articles of between 200 and 800 words, written in an engaging and informal style, on teaching and learning practices at UEA.


Copy deadlines

The journal is published three times per year. The deadlines for submitting your article are 1 December, 1 April and 1 July. Please submit your articles to Harriet Jones or Selina Watts.


Formatting your article

The publication uses a three-column layout which means it is important to keep your article’s formatting simple and consistent. You can download an article template here [LINK].


Author Template



Use Arial font, 11 point, 1.5 spacing

Use any formatting like bold and italics; they will not be visible in the published text

Left justify your text

Use sub-headings, bullet points or any other indented text

Include a picture of yourself and any other illustrations you wish

Use figure legends - put the information in the text and just refer to the figure

Use a personal tone of voice: 'I' or 'we' are better than a passive voice

Reference - just include any relevant information in the text


Write in an academic style


Where necessary we will edit articles for length, clarity and ease of reading. We may also move or add illustrations. We reserve the right to hold over articles from one edition to the next where appropriate.