Guide to e:Vision Guide to e:Vision

What is e:Vision?

e:Vision is a web interface through which staff and students access the student records management system referred to as SITS, the universities student database. Staff from the Learning and Teaching Service as well as Admissions, Finance, and Planning have access to SITS. LTS staff maintain information on student module enrolment, enter coursework and examination marks and update module and course information in preparation for the next academic year.

Academic View of e:Vision


E:Vision for Academics

E:vision allows you to

  • View your staff timetable
  • View, print and update student attendance records for the modules on which you teach
  • Search for students by name, by course or find student's Advisers
  • Look up student details such as module enrolment, qualification aim, students’ personal adviser, students’ photo.
  • Access Module marks: If you are a Module Organiser
  • Access Student Marks: If you are a student's Personal Adviser, nominated referee or if you are the School Senior Adviser
  • View coursework deadlines


How to access e:Vision

You can access e:Vision from on or off campus using any web browser.
E:Vision is accessed via the UEA Portal (sometimes referred to as the intranet).

  • Using a UEA computer: log into the computer using your UEA username and password – the Portal will open as your homepage
  • Using a non-UEA computer: open a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and go to Enter your UEA username and password.

e:Vision – Quick Link


What if I have a problem with e:Vision?

If you have a problem accessing or using e:Vision please visit your Hub for advice. Hub staff can find out if your problem is an account issue (i.e. logging in problems) in which case they may refer you to the IT helpdesk, or if it is not an account issue staff will try to resolve the problem for you.

Blackboard Blackboard

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Please refer to our new guidance on preparing for the new academic year.

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