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Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC)

The Learning and Teaching Committee reports to Senate (the University’s governing body) and is responsible for the approval & oversight of learning and teaching strategies and is accountable for the academic standards of the academic programmes offered by UEA. LTC is responsible for University regulations and the approval of new courses. The committee is chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Professor Neil Ward, who is supported in the role of PVC by the Academic Director of Taught Programmes, Dr Clive Matthews.

LTC Terms of Reference

LTC Committee Membership

LTC is informed by and delegates a number of its responsibilities to sub-Committees and responsible officers such as Associate Deans for Learning & Teaching.


Faculty Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee (FLTQC)

Each of the 4 Faculties has a Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee which meets approximately every 2 months. The committees are responsible for key quality assurance processes, for confirming to LTC that these have been appropriately considered, for drawing the attention of LTC to University-wide issues arising within the Faculty and for disseminating examples of good practice. Each committee is chaired by the Faculty's Associate Dean (LTQ) and attended by all School Directors of Learning and Teaching within that faculty.

The key quality assurance processes managed are

  • Consideration of new course proposals (including confirmation of fast-track proposals)
  • Consideration of external examiners’ reports and approval of Schools’ responses to them
  • Consideration of the monitoring of the progress of postgraduate research students on an annual basis
  • Review of the progress of staff candidates for postgraduate research degrees candidates
  • Consideration of Professional and Statutory Body Approval Accreditation Reports.

FLTQC Committee Membership


Taught Programmes Policy Group (TPPG)

This is a group rather than a committee and therefore acts in an advisory role to the Academic Director of Taught Programmes in support of the Learning and Teaching Committee.

The group acts as a “sounding board” for the development of policy, procedure and practice and operates a “top-down”, “bottom-up” approach.

TPPG terms of reference and membership


School Boards

Each School at UEA has a School Board which is chaired by the Head of School and reports to Senate. School boards meet at least twice per academic year and have responsibility for School strategy in learning and teaching, research and admissions. They may delegate Learning and Teaching responsibilities to Teaching Committees within the school where appropriate.

School Board terms of reference and membership


School Staff Student Liaison Committees

Each School has a Staff:Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) or its equivalent to provide a forum for discussion of matters both academic and non-academic. Meetings are attended by student representatives from courses in the school as well as by Senior Advisers, School Teaching Directors and other key academics as appropriate to the School.


School Teaching Committee

Although not a formal requirement, many Schools at UEA have a Teaching Committee (or a Teaching Executive) who meet regularly to support the School Teaching Director (LTQ) and manage quality assurance and enhancement within the School. In larger Schools this is sometimes further divided into Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching Committees.

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