Guide to Academics with Learning and Teaching Roles Guide to Academics with Learning and Teaching Roles

Academics within your School or Faculty will have specific responsibilities for Learning and Teaching matters at UEA and will sit on various committees who approve updates and changes to UEA policy and procedure and listen to ideas for development of Learning and Teaching practice. These persons are an excellent source of advice and are also there for you to express any concerns or ideas for development you would like addressed by a committee. These individuals have defined responsibilities in driving forward the learning and teaching agenda.

Day-to-day responsibility for the oversight and direction of learning and teaching rests with the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Professor Neil Ward who chairs the Learning and Teaching Committee. He is supported in his work concerning taught programmes by the following roles

Academic Director of Taught Programmes (ADTP)

Professor Emma Sutton is the current ADTP at UEA. Her role is to lead the development of University policy relating to taught programmes and take a prominent role in its implementation working closely with the Learning and Teaching Committee, the Director of LTS and the Taught Programmes Policy Group of which she is Chair. She is responsible for appointment of internal and external examiners and approving concessions against the regulations for taught students. 

Academic Director of Learning and Teaching Enhancement (AcDLTE)

Professor Kay Yeoman is the current AcDLTE at UEA. Helena has the responsibility for enhancement of learning and teaching at UEA with a particular emphasis on promoting and disseminating new techniques and learning technologies.

Faculty Associate Deans for Learning Teaching and Quality

Each faculty at UEA has an Associate Dean (LTQ). The current role holders are

Social Sciences - Professor Neil Cooper

Arts and Humanities - Professor Nick Selby

Science - Professor David Stevens

Medicine and Health Science - Dr Neil James

Each Associate Dean (LTQ) acts as chair of their Faculty Learning Teaching and Quality Committee and also sits on the Learning and Teaching Committee and Faculty Executive. Their role is to develop and enhance learning and teaching within the Faculty ensuring dissemination within the Faculty of recommendations on good practice and changes to policies and practices made by committees and to take any issues arising to committees for discussion. 

School Directors of Learning and Teaching

This role may be held by an individual or several people with defined responsibilities depending on the size and requirements of the school. They have both a strategic and student facing role and are members of the Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee.

School Directors carry over-all responsibility for ensuring that key quality monitoring and assurance processes have been undertaken in their School, including: consideration of external examiners’ reports and the drafting of responses to them; the annual monitoring and update of modules and programme specifications and the regular (five-yearly) review of courses. School Directors are also responsible for liaising with students to keep them informed of developments (such as new course proposals) and to receive feedback often facilitated by Staff/Student Liaison Committees.

A full role description can be found here.

School roles

Academics hold a variety of roles within a School:

  • Head of School – Represents the School at University level, Faculty level and externally, and promotes the School’s academic reputation
  • Course Directors - responsible for their degree programmes, updating course profiles and programme specifications on an annual basis, course reviews and enrolment concessions regarding their own degree programmes. A full role description for Course Directors can be found here.
  • Placement Directors - Reporting to Heads of School, they are responsible for the general oversight of the School's placement programme(s) and ensuring that compliance with the Policy on Placements is appropriately met. The roles and responsibilities of Placement Directors can be found here.
  • The Study Abroad Academic Coordinator (SAAC) is a designated academic member of staff within each School responsible for coordinating matters relating to students’ study abroad. The SAAC is principally involved in exchange students at undergraduate level and has a specific responsibility for the academic matters arising for exchange students. SAAC work closely together with the team in the Study Abroad Office. A full description can be found here.
  • Module Organisers - responsible for the planning, organisation and delivery of the Module and Module Evaluation. A full role description can be found here
  • Senior Adviser - oversees the Advising system in the School and will assist advisers where appropriate
  • Chair of Examiners - ensures that the Module, Stage and Final Assessment Boards run smoothly. Liaises with External Examiners and oversees exam paper preparation.
  • Student Partnership Officer - is responsible for championing student representation and liaison within the School through SSLCs and other fora as appropriate.