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Role of the External Examiner

External Examiners are recruited by each School as experts in their fields from outside of UEA. Their role is to check and approve draft exam questions before papers are set and to mark / review the marks of a sample of / all exam candidates. External examiners ensure that exam questions set reflect the learning outcomes of the module and that student performance is fairly marked. They are both impartial and independent.

External examiners are expected to report on the Courses or Modules which they oversee commenting on the examinations as well as the teaching and design of the Course/Module. External examiners are usually appointed for a period of several years and in larger schools there will often be several External Examiners from a variety of disciplines in one exam board. Students have the right to ask for their work to be considered by the External Examiner. Most External Examiners will charge UEA a fee for their services.

Senate Marking Scales


Guidance for External Examiners

Code of Practice for the External Examiner System of Awards (Taught Programmes)
Guidance for External Examiners - UG, PGT
Guidance for External Examiners on the BIM
External Examiners Fees
External Examiners Expenses Guidance

Forms for External Examiner use

External Examiners' Report Form Taught Programmes
External Examiner Record Form
UG External Examiners Fee-Expenses Claim Form
PGT External Examiners Fee-Expenses Claim Form

Forms for External Assessors

External Assessors' Report Form Taught Programmes


Award Regulations

Forms for School use

Recommendation for Appointment of External Assessor
Response of School to External Examiners Report Proforma