Student Evaluation of Modules Student Evaluation of Modules

Students will be asked to evaluate all modules that are due for review, and sometimes may be asked more frequently. Student feedback informs the process of Module Review and Annual Course Monitoring and Update.

The mechanism for gathering feedback from students should be reviewed at least once every five years and should aim to ensure that feedback from as broad a range of students as possible be gathered. Module Organisers may use their discretion as to the types of questions asked of students however the Module Evaluation Questionnaire Bank may be of support to Module Organisers in designing evaluation surveys for students using e:Vision.

It is important that students receive a response to the comments they have provided. It is the Module Organisers' responsibility to ensure feedback to students takes place. Students should be consulted as to how they would prefer to receive feedback but feedback must be provided through at least one of the following methods

  • Via Noticeboards
  • Via Internet / intranet / Blackboard
  • Via Individual Modules Organisers
  • Via email