Course Review Course Review

The Learning and Teaching Committee approved new processes for the monitoring and review of modules and courses for implementation in 2011-12. The guidance for the process can be found here

Course Review takes place every 5 years unless more frequent review is required by Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs). The schedule for Courses under review will be updated by LTS staff who will liaise with Course Directors.

The Course Director leads the process of Course review with support from LTS co-ordinators. Data about the course including outcomes of Module monitoring, assessment data and employability data is collected leading to a SWOT analysis and a report to inform a panel event.

A panel is convened with appropriate membership including external representation and student representation (including students from another school and attended by students on all years of the course) and a secretary who is normally an LTS co-ordinator. The panel membership should be approved by Faculty Learning and Teaching Quality Committee (FLTQC) using the form CR1 Approval of Panel Membership.

The panel then meet to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the course and the Secretary produces a summary report and Action plan in form CR2 Report of Course Review. This report is sent to FLTQC and the School Director (LTQ) and Course Director(s). FLTQC will ensure the course review process has been robustly undertaken and identify areas of good practice.

In November each year FLTQC will formally report to the Learning and Teaching Committee via the Faculty Course Review form CR3 that the course review process is complete identifying areas of good practice and action taken on dissemination.

The School Director (LTQ) will provide the School board with a summary of the main outcomes of Course review and ensure these are communicated to academics, students and other schools where appropriate. The School Director (LTQ) is also responsible for implementation of the action plan and reporting to School Board on progress in achieving this. This will be reviewed in subsequent annual Course monitoring and update.

Module Review Module Review

The LTC-approved guidance for the Module Review process can be found here

Module Review takes place a minimum of once every 5 years, however, it can take place more frequently if the module meets one of a number of Criteria (referred to as Triggers) for more frequent monitoring.

Review of modules that have hit triggers is the responsibility of the Module Organiser, who will agree with the School Director the model for undertaking the review. The process is supported by LTS. All reviews should include student evaluation of the Modules.

The Module Organiser compiles a short report which is entered in the QAR1 Form for consideration by the School Director (LTQ) or delegated Course Director who will consider an Action plan with the Module Organiser. The School Director (LTQ) will include a summary of good practice within the QAR1 Form and submit it to the Head of School and Faculty Associate Dean (LTQ). The Faculty Associate Dean (LTQ) confirms to the Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC) that the process of Module Review has been undertaken and draws attention to good practice. The School Director (LTQ) and Faculty Associate Dean (LTQ) then co-ordinate dissemination of good practice within the School and Faculty.

Module Review should be completed within one month of the end of a module. For modules that include an examined element, the completion of the module should be taken to mean the completion of the examination as well as the taught component. A schedule of modules that have hit triggers will be provided to Module Organisers early in the academic year.

Students should be informed about the outcome of Module Review and any updates to the Module for the future should be sent to LTS staff for entry into SITS (SITS Module update occurs once per year in February).