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New/re-designed courses for campus delivery

Course Directors at UEA may wish to change elements of a course, or indeed design a new course.  The process is staged and risk-based. The initial idea is articulated in the outline proposal form CP1, and once that has School approval, the next stages can commence. Guidance and full details are incorporated within the forms below. Course Directors will be supported by the professional services teams within the Schools for the business and financial planning stages, and within LTS for the academic design stage.


Documents (Course Proposal)

UEA Course Approval Process Map

Course Proposal Outline Form (CP1)

Business Case Form (CP2)

Financial Plan Form (CP3)

Academic Design Form (CP4)

Apprenticeship Appendix Form (CP4A)

Notification of Approval and Set Up Form (CP5)

Course Approval and Update Process (CP1CU)

Module Proposal Form (MP1)

For further information or advice please get in touch with colleagues in your Hub


New online courses, modules and MOOCs

The University’s strategy for on-line learning was approved by the Learning and Teaching Committee in June 2015, having been developed by the University’s on-line working group. Approval processes have been developed accordingly and those wishing to launch a new on-line course, module or MOOC should read the attached guidance, complete the relevant form and submit it for consideration as set out in the process.


Approval processes for new course/module/MOOC proposals

New online credit bearing course proposal form

New online non-credit bearing courses proposal form

New MOOC approval form

On-line 30 credit module costing model

Example of a new MOOC budget

For further advice or information in relation to on-line delivery please get in touch with the Academic Director of Learning Enhancement, Kay Yeoman.