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The LTC-approved guidance for the Module Review process can be found here

Course Monitoring and update takes place annually within two weeks of meetings of Boards of Examiners.

The Head of School or School Director (LTQ) will nominate a Lead for each Course (usually the Course director) who will convene a meeting of key academics (e.g. Module organisers) to discuss all aspects of the Course including module outlines, programme specifications and Course profiles. A report of this meeting will be submitted to the School Director LTQ using the QAR2 Form.

The School Director (LTQ) will review reports of all Courses being monitored summarising good practice and action plans and approving (where appropriate) amendments to programme specifications/ Course profiles. The School Director (LTQ) then prepares a QAR3 Form which is submitted to the Faculty Learning and Teaching Quality Committee (FLTQC). FLTQC reports to Learning and Teaching Committee confirming that Annual Module Monitoring and Course Update is complete. FLTQC read summaries from all Schools and reports to Learning and Teaching Committee (normally taking place May or June) confirming that Annual Module Monitoring and Course Update is complete.

The Faculty Associate Dean (LTQ) and School Director (LTQ) disseminate good practice recommendations at the School and Faculty level. Some differences in Course update occur between schools due to the different nature of Courses and the requirements of Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs).

School Annual Review of Assessment and Moderation

Schools of Study are required to conduct an annual review which takes strategic oversight of the assessment and moderation arrangements at programme level in each school. The purpose of the review is to provide an opportunity for academic staff engaged in the design and assessment of programmes and modules to reflect on the approach to and resourcing of assessment, marking and moderation, and to identify best practice and recommend enhancements. It is also an opportunity to ensure that assessment arrangements are consistent with key institutional priorities and objectives.

The results of the Annual Module and Course Review exercise informs the Review of Assessment and Moderation and the outcomes are reported and signed off by the Associate Dean on the Annual Course Monitoring School Summary form (QAR3).


Annual Course Update

Please follow the process in the Course Approval and Update Process (CP1CU).