Concessions Regulations Concessions Regulations

What constitutes a concession?

There may be occasions when the University is not able to apply its normal regulations or procedures when dealing with students, modules, courses and Boards of Examiners. In such situations it may be necessary to explore whether a concession may be available to remedy the situation. Typically, concessions can be grouped
into the following three areas:

  • Student concessions
  • Module or course concessions
  • Board of Examiners concessions

Framework for the Approval of Concessions

Guiding Principles

  • Concessionary powers and powers to appoint examiners are exercised on behalf of Senate
  • A concession or the appointment of an examiner shall not be approved by the person recommending the concession or appointment
  • There will be academic input into any decision relating to academic matters, which may be at an early stage in the process and need not be at the decision making stage
  • FOR TIER 4 STUDENTS ONLY: The Student Visa Compliance (SVC) and the International Student Advisory Team (ISAT) must be consulted regarding any student requests for Course Transfers, repeat periods of study or Interruption to Period of Study
  • All concession requests and recommendations for appointments of examiners must be supported by appropriate evidence
  • The outcome of a concession request cannot be appealed. However, where a decision is made to reject a concession request the decision shall be reviewed by a second member of staff, whose decision will be final
  • If any Team Leader or LTS Manager has concerns or queries about a concession then advice must be sought from the relevant LTS Assistant Head, especially if the case is complex
  • All concessions not supported by the School, or where the recommendation is to reject must be forwarded to the relevant LTS Assistant Head for consideration and forwarding, where appropriate, to the Academic Director of Taught Programmes (ADTP) for consideration
  • All concessions arising from the outcome of an Academic Appeal outcome must be submitted to the relevant LTS Assistant Head to consider