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Exam Paper

For the majority of modules at UEA exams are taken in the main exam period in April - May each year. There are exceptions such as the Norwich Business School MBS programme, Postgraduate exams held in January and various courses with input from professional and statutory bodies.

The following information applies to the majority of examinations. Please refer to the Assessments office, your Chair of Examiners, or School local support for specific information.


Process for Preparation

The process of preparing exam papers begins in October and is managed by the Assessments office and local support staff in each School. The Assessments office produce a list of all modules which have examinations from the Student Information System (SITS) and contact local support staff in each School with information on all the papers which should be provided. Information sessions are offered for local support staff on format and preparation of papers and how to submit them to the Assessments office.

At this point Heads of School will also nominate their Chairs of Examiners (some schools have both a UG and PGT chair) who will also receive briefing from the exams office on their role and forthcoming deadlines. Each School also nominates a number of External Examiners based on the number of scripts that will need marking and the subjects they will cover.

The exact process through which papers and prepared and finalised varies between schools depending on their size and the nature of study however the Chair of Examiners will have final sign off on all papers set. Both the main paper and reassessment paper questions are set at the same time. Paper copies of each exam script should be with the Assessments office by 31 January 2020 and they should be submitted via One Drive.

The following documents provide guidance on exam paper preparation:


Reassessment Papers

As it is important that reassessment papers (which may also be taken on occasion by students as first sits) are subject to the same robust quality processes as first sit papers, the expectation is that reassessment papers will be written and submitted at the same time as first sit papers, having first been submitted to external examiners. To ensure a consistency for students taking reassessment papers as delayed assessments, there should be significant differences between the first sit and reassessment papers, so they do not have an advantage. There should not be a repeat of questions in both papers.


Non-Standard Exam Papers

A School wishing to set an exam in a non-standard format must submit a request to the Learning and Teaching Committee. Non-standard exams include questions released to students ahead of the exam and either answered under exam conditions or in a specified period e.g. a 72 hour exam, "text allowed" examinations and "open book" examinations.