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Each year the Assessments office is responsible for recruiting and training a team of invigilators. Invigilators are the official persons present during exams who watch over students to provide support where needed and to monitor candidates to prevent cheating.

Invigilators are responsible for

  • Candidate identification (checking student cards)
  • Announcements before or during exam
  • Recording candidate attendances
  • Ensuring candidates have only the appropriate materials with them during the exam (e.g. dictionaries, calculators)
  • Admission of candidates who arrive late
  • Queries on the exam paper / exam content
  • Dealing with cases of misconduct
  • Collection of examination scripts
  • Distribution of completed scripts after the exam (to markers or Assessments office)

Student Conduct During Exams

The following documents contain guidance on conduct and permitted materials in University exams

Rules for the Conduct of University Examinations
Guidance to Students on Conduct in Exams and Course Tests
Guidance for the Use of Calculators in Examinations
Guidance for the Use of Dictionaries in Examinations
Guidance for the use of a Scribe in University Examinations