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There is now a standard University process for the submission and return of coursework. From an academic perspective, here are some key features:

Submission of Coursework

  • Deadline days. To smooth submission, deadlines are restricted to Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and it is possible to set deadlines in vacation times.
  • Deadline time. A submission deadline of 3pm has been introduced for all forms of submission.
  • Submission drop boxes will be opened one week before deadline due date and coversheets to be made available on the same timescale. Consequently, it will not be possible to submit work earlier than one week ahead of any deadline.
  • E:vision confirmation. Once the submission deadline date has passed and work has been “logged in” students will be able to check their work has been received via the e-Vision screen. Unfortunately, it is not technically possible to e-mail receipts upon submission.
  • Format. Work not following submission format guidelines will not be recognised as having been submitted. For example students will be required to follow submission guidelines on use of staples not paperclips.
  • Copies. Students are only be required to submit one copy of their coursework for assessment. (Projects and dissertations will still require the submission of two copies).
  • Module Organisers will be e-mailed when their work is ready for collection.
  • Post-deadline. Work submitted after the deadline will be sent via the internal mail in batches with an e-mail alert sent to Module Organisers.


Return of Coursework

  • A delay has been introduced between the return of work with feedback and the upload of marks onto e-vision to encourage collection of feedback. Marks will be uploaded on Mondays, generally the Monday following the return of the work.
  • The return of coursework to students will be as follows with Module Organisers being given a choice of routes:
    • Route A
      • a) Work will be made available for collection via the LTS hubs for one week (5 working days)
      • b) Any uncollected work will be distributed to Advisers, via the internal mail, and a list of students who have not collected their work will be sent to the Module Organiser.
    • Route B
      • a) Work will be made available for collection via the Module Organiser (or in HUM the delegated seminar leaders).
      • b) Any uncollected work should be distributed to Advisers. Seminar leaders are encouraged to inform the Module Organiser of any students who have not collected their work.