Importance of Feedback Importance of Feedback


Receiving effective feedback is important for the progression of students throughout the course of their study. It provides students with motivation and allows them to check their understanding of the work. Whereas summative assessment will contribute to the final mark given for a module, formative assessment (via a piece of submitted work or course test), while not contributing to the student's final mark, is useful for a student to receive constructive feedback. FeedbackFormative feedback is sometimes called 'feed forward' because its comments are intended to help improve future work. Although this feedback is solely qualitative, lecturers can give an 'indicative' mark.
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Providing Feedback

Markers can annotate returned work or attach comments separately about the work, some may prefer to use a form which is tailored to the particular requirements of the work. Feedback can be given verbally during seminars, class discussions and practical sessions. Peer assessment can also be given whereby students assess the merits of each other's work.

The University has a policy on submission of work for assessment, which requires a published schedule for the submission and return of work, including when feedback will be available. The norm is 20 working days turnaround time.