Information and responsibilities Information and responsibilities

The Timetable and Room Bookings Department processes all ad hoc and teaching room booking requests that require a central pool room, and manages the School’s timetables.


How to book a room

Room bookings are made through e:Vision and are automatically confirmed for staff members and students. Student bookings after 18H are processed by the Student Union. Technical specifications are available via e:Vision.


Student Society and Individual Student Requests

Societies and Students may book rooms subject to certain regulations. Bookings prior to 18H will be automatically confirmed. Bookings post 18H must be requested through the SU.

Visitors external to the UEA should be included in the booking information.

Booking requests for meetings of religious groups of any nature should initially be made and granted permission via the Multifaith Centre



Conference Office

The Conference Office manages a wide range of activities (INTO, Graduation, Reassessment, International Summer Schools, Recruitment, internal and external Conferences) during Easter and summer for which certain venues are held on a priority basis.

Venues are unavailable for general ad hoc bookings in core periods until all business and Conference requirements are confirmed. Dates for release of venues will be as follows:

1st October - All venues EXCEPT Julian Study Centre, Thomas Paine Study and The Enterprise Centre.

1st February - All venues in Julian Study Centre, Thomas Paine Study and The Enterprise Centre.

Email Timetable and Room Bookings


Book a Room with the SU

Conference Office