Certificates and Transcripts Certificates and Transcripts

Certificates and Transcripts

After your studies you may require a variety of official documents to show to potential employers or for progression to further study.


Official Transcripts/Diploma Supplements

An Academic Transcript gives details of your academic studies at UEA. All Transcripts contain information on the course and modules studied, and degree awarded, but the format varies depending on the course studied and the year of graduation.


Replacement UEA Certificates (parchments)

If you have lost the paper certificate (parchment) for your degree, certificate or diploma, you can submit an enquiry to the Student Records Office for a replacement parchment.

How to Apply for Replacement Certificates


Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

The University will be launching the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) soon.

The HEAR is a new electronic form of academic transcript. It can contain information about your extra-curricular activities and achievements in addition to your marks for each module. If you are eligible for the HEAR you will be able to grant access to it via an electronic key, rather than applying to the University for paper copies.


More details about the HEAR at UEA