Graduation and Congregation Graduation and Congregation

Congregation is the ceremony where your degree or other university award is formally given to you. It is the point at which you formally graduate from university.


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Whether or not you wish to attend the Congregation ceremony, you will need to register for it. If you would rather receive your award by post, you should indicate this in your registration and your award will be sent to you via DHL delivery. Once your Congregation ceremony has passed, even if you chose not to attend, your degree is regarded as ‘conferred’ and you are entitled to describe yourself as holding a degree (or other qualification) from UEA.

Most students will graduate at a Summer Congregation ceremony held each year in July. If you receive your award by post in the Winter or Spring graduations, you will also be invited to attend Summer Congregation in the following July. Your School will usually share a Congregation ceremony with one other School, and there are parties for all students and their families directly after each ceremony.

I've Graduated... What now?

Now you have your degree, there are many new opportunities open to you – and not knowing which ones you should take can be scary. Don't be scared. Be prepared. We have services in place to guide you from your studies towards your career goals.




Careers and Employability

The Careers and Employability team provide guidance on career paths and looking for employment. They offer workshops and talks. You are encouraged to attend career fairs where you can meet prospective employers, successful entrepreneurs and connect with international UEA alumni from a wide range of industries for inspiration. In addition, they offer feedback on CVs, applications and covering letters, mock interviews and assessment centres to give you practice and insight into employer selection techniques.

Make connections, get inspiration: Workshops, talks and careers fairs

Careers mentoring and advice: one to one advice and guidance

Add to your CV: Internships, Part-time Jobs and Volunteering Opportunities

Find graduate jobs and more at MYCAREERCENTRAL

UEA jobs

The UEA advertises all its current vacancies for academic, management, administrative and research positions on the UEA website.

Jobs in East Anglia

For job searches within the East Anglia region Jobs 24 Norfolk and Jobs 24 Suffolk are good sources of information.

Further Education and Research

Postgraduate Taught programmes (PGT)

As a top ranking university, the UEA is the natural place to choose to continue your studies. There are over 100 postgraduate taught courses. For more information visit the Postgraduate Taught Degrees page.


Postgraduate Research Degrees (PGR)

The UEA is one of the leading research institutions in the UK. For detailed information about postgraduate research opportunities, visit the Postgraduate Research Degrees page.


Stay in Touch

UEA Alumni

If you're a recent graduate, the Alumni pages will help to keep you involved with the University and fellow alumni. After graduating you automatically become a member of the Alumni Association, with benefits which include access to photos, reunions and events and great deals across the region.


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