Which Hub should I go to?

This depends on which School you belong to. Here are the list of Schools and their representative Hubs.

AMA (Arts, Media and American Studies) - Arts Hub

BIO (Biology) - EFB Hub

CHE (Chemistry) - EFB Hub

CMP (Computing Sciences) - EFB Hub

DEV (International Development) - Arts Hub

ECO (Economics) - Arts Hub

EDU (Education) - ZICER Hub

ENG (Engineering) - EFB Hub

ENV (Environmental Sciences) - EFB Hub

HIS (History) - Arts Hub

HSC (Health Sciences) - ZICER Hub

IIH (Interdisciplinary Institute of the Humanities) - Arts Hub

LAW - Arts Hub

LDC (Literature, Drama and Creative Writing) - Arts Hub

MED (Medicine) - EFB Hub

MTH (Mathematics) - EFB Hub

NAT (Natural Sciences) - EFB Hub

NBS (Norwich Business School) - EFB Hub

PHA (Pharmacy) - EFB Hub

PHY (Physics) – EFB Hub

PPL (Politics, Philosophy and Language) - Arts Hub

PSY (Psychology) - ZICER Hub

SWK (Social Work) - ZICER Hub

What are our working hours?

Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm excluding University closed days:

Easter Break                      09 April - 14 April 2020

May Day                            8 May 2020

Spring Bank Holiday         25 May 2020

Summer Bank Holiday      31 August 2020


I am having difficulties. Where can I go for help?

There is a lot of help available to students. If your concerns are personal difficulties, visit the Student Services. If your concerns are academic issues, speak with your Adviser.

If you are unsure, come see us at your Hub

How can I access e:Vision?

Go to the Portal. The button on the top right of the portal page that leads you to e:Vision.

Or use our direct link: https://sso.uea.ac.uk/evision

If you have problems logging in contact the IT Service Desk, located on floor 0 of the Library.

Where can I find my timetable?

Check your e:Vision page. You should check regularly for room changes and cancellations.

IT services also has a handy guide on how to import your timetable onto your mobile device.

How do I change a module?

Up until week 2 of that semester you may change any non-compulsory module to another module within your course profile. Please submit a CHANGE OF MODULE FORM (LTS008) available online or at your Hub.

Can I change my seminar group?

You can change your seminar group if any of the following conditions apply:

a. Timetable clash

b. Responsibility for dependents (e.g. child care)

c. another exceptional reason

Submit a CHANGE OF SEMINAR GROUP FORM (LTS009) available online or at your Hub.

Can I change my Degree Programme? What do I need to do?

TRANSFER REQUEST FORM A and C are available online or at your Hub. These are usually requests within the same programme but with a change of option (e.g. Year Abroad, change from Foundation programme, BSc to MSc).

To transfer to another programme at the UEA, you will need to take TRANSFER REQUEST FORM B to the Admissions Department in the Lawrence Stenhouse Building (LSB) 1.120

Where and how do I hand in coursework?

The method of submission is set by the Module Organiser and can be viewed using the Assessment Submission Tab on your e:Vision page.  All types of submission must be submitted no later than 3pm on the due date.

Paper submissions are put in a labelled drop box found in the Hub responsible for the School and module that the assessment belongs to.

You will need to pre-print or fill in a blank UEA coversheet (available in all Hubs) and staple this to the front of your work. Sometimes the marker will ask you to complete a school form in addition to a UEA coversheet.

e:Vision submissions are uploaded using your e:Vision page.

Blackboard submissions are uploaded via the Module Blackboard page. The Module Organiser will give you access to this page once you have been enrolled on the Module.

More information on coursework

I don't think I can make my deadline. What should I do?

You can apply for an extension to your submission deadline using an EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCE FORM (LTS001) available on your e:Vision page.

If you intend to use a self-certification extension you must submit it before 3pm on the original due date.

I need to miss a class or classes. How do I arrange this?

Most students can request an absence using the REPORT ABSENCE link their e:Vision page.

Consult our guidance document if you need more help.

How do I let the Council Tax office know I am a student?

If you are a full time student you can print copies of your Council Tax Exemption Certificate using the link on your e:Vision page. Part time students are not eligible for Council Tax Exemption.

If you are a full time student and live on Campus you don’t need to register with the local Council Office for Council Tax purposes.

Commonly asked questions Commonly asked questions

This page provides some quick answers to some of our most common queries. If you have a specific query and cannot find it, you can search for it on the portal or email us via your hub.