UG/PGT Regulations for different awards UG/PGT Regulations for different awards

The regulations are the rules under which your course is run. You agree to abide by the regulations when you complete registration for your course. This can be online or in writing.

The University's Awards regulations can be accessed via the UEA Academic Calendar and should be read and understood by each student studying at UEA, especially the General Regulations for Students. The regulations cover procedures and rules relating to:

  • Student life e.g. payments of fees and keeping in touch with the university throughout your course
  • Student behaviour e.g. behaviour on campus and university property, abiding by health and safety regulations
  • Academic provision e.g. attending lectures, seminars, exams etc. avoiding plagiarism, conducting ethical research and respecting diversity amongst students and staff
  • University properties e.g. rules for use of the library, computer services, car park and other university facilities
  • Fitness to study

Different degrees have different regulations, and this is especially true when you look at the differences between undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

The UEA Academic Calendar contains regulations on the following:

Common Masters Framework Regulations

Regulations for Bachelors and Integrated Masters Awards

Undergraduate Awards (Common Course Structure)

Integrated Masters (MChem, MComp, MMath, MNatSci, MPharm, MSci)

Foundation Degree Regulations

Graduate Diplomas (Grad Dip)

Graduate Diploma (Legal Studies)

Continuing Education Certificates

Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (CertHE)

Masters by Research

Master of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated Studies)

PhD by Publication

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Doctor of Education and Master of Education

Doctor of Medicine

Doctor of Laws, Letters and Science

Fitness to study

Students studying for qualifications at University need to be fit or deemed fit for study throughout their course. UEA acknowledges that it has both a role and responsibility in ensuring the welfare of its students, staff and the wider community. UEA General Regulation for Students 5: Fitness for Study sets out the Universities and students responsibilities in terms of fitness for study.