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Quality Review

Module Review and Annual Course Monitoring & Update Process


Annual Module Review and Course Monitoring

Module Review and Annual Course Monitoring and Update - Guidance for Staff

Module and Course Review Flowchart

Annual Monitoring and Course Review Operational Guidance

Student Evaluation - Guidance for Staff


LTSQAR 1 form - Module Review

LTSQAR 2 form - Annual Course monitoring and update

LTSQAR 3 form - Annual Course monitoring and update - School Summary


5 Yearly Course Review

5 Yearly Course Review Guidance for Staff and Students

Course Review Approval of Panel Membership Form (CR1)

Report of Course Review Form (CR2)

Faculty Course Review Report Form (CR3)


Learning, Teaching and Quality Assurance

UEA Self-Evaluation Document – Higher Education Review October 2015

Quality Assurance and Enhancement Taught Programmes Guidance Document

UEA Learning and Teaching Strategy 2014-2019

Policy on Co-Teaching


Peer Review

Code of Practice on Peer Observation of Teaching (January 2014)

Report Form Type P(01)a

Report Form Type P(01)b

Report Form Type P(01)c

Report Form Type P(01)d

School Response Form

Faculty Report Form


Enhancing Teaching Quality

Code of Practice on Assuring and Enhancing Teaching Quality (revised December 2007)

Appendix A1

Appendix A2

Appendix A3

Appendix B1

Appendix B2

Appendix C1

Appendix C3

Appendix D1

Appendix D2


Academic Learning and Teaching Role Descriptions

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic)


Academic Director of Taught Programmes (ADTP)

Academic Director of Learning and Teaching Enhancement (ADLTE)

Academic Director of Partnerships


Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching

School Director of Learning and Teaching

Course Director

Module Organiser


Timetabling and Room Booking Policy

UEA Timetabling and Room Booking Policy

Information Note on Timetabling for 2019/0



Taught Programmes Policy Group - Terms of Reference

Membership of the on-line working group - Terms of Reference



Academic View of eVision Guide


Advising System Policy and Resources

Advising Policy

Advising Meeting Framework



Guidelines on Teaching Undertaken by Postgraduate Research Students

Academic Admin Task Timeline

The Learning and Teaching Service (LTS) Schedule 2018-19 is correct at the time of publication but deadlines may be changed/ added when some processes (e.g. module review, course monitoring, consideration of responses to external examiners’ reports etc) are finalised.

If/when amendments are made to this Schedule, the latest version will be published on the LTS website and the list of changes will be communicated on both the LTS website and the LTS Newsletter. LTS teams should contact local support colleagues and highlight any significant changes that may have an impact on School-based colleagues. Key contacts in other services (Planning Office, ITCS and ARM) will be informed directly by Christina Chan.

LTS Taught Schedule