Discipline Discipline

Plagiarism and Collusion

University Policy on Plagiarism and Collusion

Policy on the Use of Proof Readers

Guidance on being a plagiarism officer at UEA and the role and responsibilities

Guidance notes for persons accompanying plagiarism/collusion meetings

Plagiarism and Collusion Flowchart - SSDC

Plagiarism and Collusion Flowchart - Staff Guidance

Plagiarism and Collusion Policy - Guidance for Students and Staff

Guidance Note - Assessing Groupwork


Attendance, Engagement and Progress

General Regulation 13: Attendance, Engagement and Progress (link to Calendar)


Senate student discipline committee

Disciplinary Procedures: Non-Academic Discipline Procedure (link to Calendar)

Guidance Notes on Disciplinary Procedure

Disciplinary Procedures: Senate Student Discipline Committee and Senate Student Discipline Appeals Committee (link to Calendar)

Disciplinary Procedures: Appeals against the outcomes of Student Discipline Hearings (link to Calendar)

Non Academic Student Discipline Appeals Stg 1 Form

Non Academic Student Discipline Appeals Stg 2 Form

Membership of Senate Student Discipline Committee (link to Calendar)

Student Disciplinary Procedures (link to DOS)

Student Alcohol Policy (link to DOS)


Cheating in Examinations

General Regulation 17: University Assessments see section p onwards (link to Calendar)

Guide to Students on Conduct in Exams and Course Tests


Student Professional misconduct

General Regulations 14. Student Professional Misconduct and/or Unsuitability (page13)

Procedure for Dealing with Allegations of Professional Misconduct and/or Professional Unsuitability

School FTP Process



Student Harrassment

Guidance for Students on Dealing with Harassment


Student Suspension

Student Suspension Guidelines for Staff and Students