Course and Module Management Course and Module Management

Module and Course Update


Online Module Outlines Memo - December 2018 Update for Module Organisers and Course Directors

Module Outline Instructions for Modules starting 2019-2020
Module Outline Instructions for Modules starting 2020-2021
Module Outline Task FAQs
Completing Module Outlines for 2018/9 memo
Module Outlines Academic Helpsheet
Module Update and Course Overview and Course Update memo
Module Description Style Guide
Course Overview Style Guide
Course Overview template
Course Update Form and Guidance Notes (CP1CU)

Approval and Closure

Course Approval

UEA Course Approval Process Map
Course Proposal Outline Form (CP1)
Business Case Form (CP2)
Financial Plan Form (CP3)
Academic Design Form (CP4)
Notification of Approval and Set Up Form (CP5)

New online courses, modules and MOOCs

Approval processes for new course/module/MOOC proposals
Online credit bearing course proposal form
Online non-credit bearing courses proposal form
MOOC approval form
On-line 30 credit module costing model
Example of a new MOOC budget

Course Closure

Procedure for Closure of Courses
Course Closure Form
Equality Impact Assessment Form for Course Closure


Professional & Statutory Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs)

The document and flow chart below clarify who has responsibility for what during the validation process. This process has been arrived at following consultation between LTS and FMH local support on the premise that as it meets FMH PSRBs’ requirements it is also likely to satisfy those of others.

Key Validation Activities
Flow chart: Validation Key Activities - Responsibilities

Programme Specifications

Programme Specifications Website

Course/Module Related Forms

Change of Seminar Group Form (LTS009) 
Change of Module Form (LTS008)
Module Enrolment Form if unable to complete online module enrolment (LTS004)
Variation to Course Profile Form (LTS007)
Concession for a Late Module Change Form (LTS003)