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I am worried about online access in my home country because of national firewalls; will I still be able to access my studies and submit my work?

You should be able to access Blackboard wherever you are in the world. So long as you have an internet connection, this means Norwich, Beijing and everywhere else. National firewalls can change, but we will always try to find workarounds that support your access. Click here to read about known issues for non-UK locations, and what you can do to minimise issues for your studies.


International access for remote teaching

Box annotations

Blackboard uses a third party tool called Box to allow markers to annotate digital scripts like essays or documents. Script annotations are just one of the ways that markers can give you feedback; markers may also give you overall feedback on your work, use an interactive rubric or attach another kind of feedback form. We know that Box is currently unavailable in Republic of China,

If you are worried that you will not be able to access script annotations, we recommend that you write ‘Please do not annotate script’ in the comments box when you submit your work, or at the top of your document. 



If Box is unavailable, you will also not be able to view the file that you have submitted on the screen as you are used to in the UK. We understand that this is concerning because you will not get the usual visual reassurance. However you can always view the file that you have submitted by downloading it to check.


If at this point you realise that you have made a mistake, you can resubmit a second one if that is permitted for your assessment, or you can ask to have the incorrect submission cleared.


Collaborate webinars

Collaborate is a great way for groups to continue to meet up if they can’t get to the same location. Collaborate is available in RoC and everywhere else in the world as far as we know.


Collaborate Browsers

Collaborate requires a modern web browser with WebRTC support. Make sure that you give Collaborate access to your microphone and video even if you do not plan to share either. We usually recommend that users use Google Chrome for participating in Collaborate webinars, but if Chrome is not available to you, we would recommend the use of Firefox. Full list of Collaborate supported browsers. Collaborate Internet connection Online webinars do need a good internet connection, but Collaborate monitors and adjusts to your connection speed, which means you should be able to participate even if your connection or network is slow. If you are worried about your connection or network, make sure that you only participate using a hard-wired connection and avoid sharing video. We also recommend that you remind your lecturers to record any webinars so that you can watch afterwards if you have issues. Lecturers will also be able to upload slides and notes to Blackboard for you. Further information on best practice for best experience.