How will my course be delivered? 

This will depend on what course you are studying and you will receive communications directly from your School.  

For most standard undergraduate and Masters courses all teaching and assessment will happen on-line using Blackboard between now and the end of the academic year to enable you to complete your course or progress to your next year of study. 

If you are on a course regulated by a professional or statutory body such as the GMC, NMC, HCPC or GPC there might be some variation to this so we can ensure your course continues to satisfy professional requirements.  Your School will contact you about arrangements for placements, assessments and how teaching will be delivered. 

If your studies or course commenced at a time other than September 2019 this academic year, for example, January 2020, there might also be some variation and your School will contact you about how we will enable you to complete the course/this year of study. 

I am due to sit an exam this week/next week- will it still go ahead? 

As a precautionary measure we are postponing all written exams that are due to take place between now and 19th April. We are working on alternative arrangements and will let you know the plan in the next few days.   

If you were due to have a practical exam, such as an OSCE, between now and 19th April you will have been contacted directly by your School. 


What is happening with exams due after 19th April or being re-arranged for after this date? 

Students on professional courses, for example in MED,  HSC, LAW, SWK, PHA, NBS Accountancy  

We are working with PSRBs to determine their flexibility in relation to their assessment requirements so we can protect the professional qualifications that are associated with these courses.

Students on all other undergraduate courses 

You will undertake assessment online (Blackboard). There is no need to return to campus to sit exams in person. The date of an exam will remain the same and you must make sure you are free on that day to be online. 

Coursework deadlines may be extended to give all students more time to complete, and measures are being developed to make sure all students are protected from disadvantage by the unpredictable situation. 

Students on Postgraduate Masters Courses 

We are currently reviewing the situation regarding Masters’ courses end of year assessments. We are working on this at present and we will inform you in the next few weeks about what is planned for your modules. 

Will students with assessment adjustments get adaptations to online exams?   

All students are being offered the opportunity to take longer on timed online exams. All exams will indicate:    

  1. The time you are expected to take on the whole exam and where applicable each question   

  1. How much writing you will need to do   

Students without assessment adjustments should aim to finish within the overall time. Students who need longer time or need to take breaks may take longer. However ALL students must stick within a word limit, or risk penalties.   

What if I need to use a screen reader or other technology to help me access the assessment materials?   

Hopefully you’ve already been able to download the alternative formats in your learning materials using Blackboard Ally. You will be able to do the same with coursework descriptions and exam papers. 

I have coursework deadlines coming up – what should I do? 

Please work to the advertised deadline.  Module organisers may change deadlines and lift pressures on us all during this difficult time, so please check daily on e-vision and on Blackboard.

My piece of coursework cannot be submitted electronically as it is an object/collection/other physical thing and it was supposed to be handed in during a class? 

Your module organiser will issue instructions.  Depending on what it is you might be asked to convert the work to a pdf or scan it and submit it via Blackboard.  Or you might be asked to submit supporting written or documentary evidence along with photographs of the work.  Or, if the work is required to function, then alternative methods for you to demonstrate this will be made. 

I have an assessed presentation coming up – what should I do? 

Your module organiser will let you know what alternative assessments they will put in place.

I would like to apply for an extension for my coursework? 

You can submit your coursework up to 10 working days after published deadline. This will not appear as a new deadline or extended deadline on eVision. You do not need to apply for an extension.

If you are unable to submit within the additional 10 days, please do not worry as you will be given the opportunity of a delayed assessment in August. We regret that we will not be able to mark anything that is submitted after the 10 day extension.


When will I get my coursework back? 

We will be moving to having all e-submitted coursework marked online and so your marks and feedback will be made available to you online, but please bear in mind that staff circumstances may mean the return of feedback and marks will be delayed.

I am worried about online access in my home country because of national firewalls; will I still be able to access my studies and still be able to submit my work?

You should be able to access Blackboard wherever you are in the world. So long as you have an internet connection, this means Norwich, Beijing and everywhere else. National firewalls can change, but we will always try to find workarounds that support your access. Read more about known issues for non-UK locations, and what you can do to minimise issues for your studies.


I am a continuing student in 2020/21 and have not yet made my online module selections.  Am I too late?

No, online module enrolment for continuing students has been extended until 3 April.  For more information, or to check if you need to complete this, visit the Module Enrolment page or check your UEA email account for further details.

I'm a undergraduate finalist and my final year marks so far have been really good -  will they still be considered?
Your marks for your final year will count as we consider not only your final award mark but also the profile of credits achieved across your degree and so it is important that you carry on and complete your remaining assessments. In addition to the ‘safety net’, we will also make sure that School Exam Boards have the discretion to consider carefully the pattern of marks during the final year. This will enable School Exam Boards to identify where there looks to have been a detrimental impact as a result of the COVID-19 situation which can be taken into due consideration in degree classifications.

I’m a postgraduate study in a taught course and I would like to suspend my studies?
We know that undertaking a Masters course is often an intense experience in normal times and the current restrictions in place make the completion of your studies difficult and complex. Our aim is to put arrangements in place to help you study, learn and complete your course. However, we know that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic will be so severe that some students will be unable to complete their course this year.  In such circumstances it is possible to interrupt your studies. As each course varies in structure each request would be considered on a case by case basis. Ideally, we would like to support you to complete modules that have already been started, so the break in studies is clean. This has two benefits, you will have successfully completed a number of modules and achieved a certain number of credits and secondly, on your return it is easier to start afresh on new modules. Students with Tier 4 visas should also consider the impact a potential break in studies may have on their visas and advice is available on this from Student Services.

If you interrupt before 28th April 2020 you will only be liable for 50% of fees this year.  On your return your fees will be 50% of the fee liable for your course in 2020/21. Please note that tuition fees increase annually for all students. The fee increase for continuing students will be limited to 4% or the % increase of the UK Government regulated Home fee. Information on fees can be found on the following Portal pages:


With the move to online learning and assessment am I entitled to a refund of University fees?
The University will not be offering a refund of University fees arising from the move to on-line learning.  We are striving to provide sufficient support to you so you can successfully graduate or progress to your next year of studies.  Each course has different demands and your School will have put in place plans to ensure you are taught, you can learn and you can be assessed in your learning and be able to demonstrate you have met the course’s learning outcomes.


I am unhappy with the changes made on my course due to the COVID-19 situation – can I appeal or complain?
At this point in time it would be premature to complain as the detailed arrangements have not been announced. The situation is also complicated as the Univeristy is required to follow UK Government guidance, for example  which prevent gatherings of people and non essential travel, and so inevitably there will be changes. What we are doing is to adopt measures that maintain academic standards, and so protect the value of your degree, whilst we support you in your learning and assessment so you can successfully complete the academic year.  

Please be reassured that in making changes we have had your best interests at heart, your educational interests are being protected and you will be provided with opportunities to learn and be assessed such that you can progress to your next year of study, or to compete and graduate. If, after the completion of your studies this year, you feel that we failed in this objective you can make an academic complaint in the normal way.


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