The Reassessment Period will now be 17-28 August 2020. This is a change to the originally published dates as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

How will my course be delivered? 

This will depend on what course you are studying and you will receive communications directly from your School.  

For most standard undergraduate and Masters courses all teaching and assessment will happen on-line using Blackboard between now and the end of the academic year to enable you to complete your course or progress to your next year of study. 

If you are on a course regulated by a professional or statutory body such as the GMC, NMC, HCPC or GPC there might be some variation to this so we can ensure your course continues to satisfy professional requirements.  Your School will contact you about arrangements for placements, assessments and how teaching will be delivered. 

If your studies or course commenced at a time other than September 2019 this academic year, for example, January 2020, there might also be some variation and your School will contact you about how we will enable you to complete the course/this year of study. 

I am worried about online access in my home country because of national firewalls; will I still be able to access my studies and still be able to submit my work?

You should be able to access Blackboard wherever you are in the world. So long as you have an internet connection, this means Norwich, Beijing and everywhere else. National firewalls can change, but we will always try to find workarounds that support your access. Read more about known issues for non-UK locations, and what you can do to minimise issues for your studies.

I'm a undergraduate finalist and my final year marks so far have been really good -  will they still be considered?
Your marks for your final year will count as we consider not only your final award mark but also the profile of credits achieved across your degree and so it is important that you carry on and complete your remaining assessments. In addition to the ‘safety net’, we will also make sure that School Exam Boards have the discretion to consider carefully the pattern of marks during the final year. This will enable School Exam Boards to identify where there looks to have been a detrimental impact as a result of the COVID-19 situation which can be taken into due consideration in degree classifications. For more information on the 'safety net', please see our Information for Undergraduates page

I’m a postgraduate student on a taught course and I would like to suspend my studies?
We know that undertaking a Masters course is often an intense experience in normal times and the current restrictions in place make the completion of your studies difficult and complex. Our aim is to put arrangements in place to help you study, learn and complete your course. However, we know that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic will be so severe that some students will be unable to complete their course this year.  In such circumstances it is possible to interrupt your studies. As each course varies in structure each request would be considered on a case by case basis. Ideally, we would like to support you to complete modules that have already been started, so the break in studies is clean. This has two benefits, you will have successfully completed a number of modules and achieved a certain number of credits and secondly, on your return it is easier to start afresh on new modules. Students with Tier 4 visas should also consider the impact a potential break in studies may have on their visas and advice is available on this from Student Services.

If you interrupt before 28th April 2020 you will only be liable for 50% of fees this year.  On your return your fees will be 50% of the fee liable for your course in 2020/21. Please note that tuition fees increase annually for all students. The fee increase for continuing students will be limited to 4% or the % increase of the UK Government regulated Home fee. Information on fees can be found on the following Portal pages:


I’m an undergraduate student and I’m not sure I will be able to complete my studies this year?
We are doing everything we can to put measures in place to ensure you can complete your studies this year and progress. For the few remaining weeks of the academic year we will be delivering your course via Blackboard. You should have heard from your School about the planned changes in assessment and probably not everything that was planned on your modules in now taking place. Some assessments have been cancelled if the learning outcomes have already been demonstrated for example. We have put in place extensions to deadlines, and where assessments cannot be taken when planned, another first attempt opportunity. Other measures can be found in our 10 point plan. If, even with all these measure in place, you still have concerns about your ability to study and undertake assessment please contact your Academic Adviser. We suggest that you work through your revised assessment schedule with them and discuss a strategic approach as to what you can complete at first attempt or as a delayed assessment. Interruptions to study are possible but there are significant downsides to this and so before we consider this as an option we would like to work with you so we can help and support you to complete this year, so you can progress with your studies. 

Guidance for students planning on taking a Year or Semester Abroad
The University will relax the thresholds for your course, this year only, such that you can progress to your next year of study and go abroad providing you have a passing mark for the year, including with compensation. Whilst we can relax our requirements we know that our partner universities abroad are taking a variety of different approaches and some may still require a higher year mark than this. You are advised to attempt all assessment and to do the best you can to keep open as many options as possible.

Please visit UEA Study Abroad FAQs or contact UEA Study Abroad if you have concerns about your intended host university next year. 

Guidance for students on Integrated Master degrees
The University will relax the thresholds for your course, this year only, such that you can progress to your next year of study providing you have a passing mark for the year, including with compensation. 


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