The Software Center is a self-service application delivery system on staff computers allowing you to install software from a catalogue on your computer without requiring admin rights.

Being able to download software from the UEA Software Center removes the need for an IT Technician to be involved. This saves you the need to contact the IT Service Desk and wait for a technician to come to your office to run an install.


  1. To open the Software Center click Start, scroll to Microsoft System Center and select Software Center. Alternatively, just search for Software Center in the Windows search box.
  2. Scroll through the list of software available to install or use the search box to find the software you wish to un/install.
  3. Once you have found the software you want to un/install, select it to open the status screen.
  4. Click the Install button to start installing the software onto your computer.
  5. Once the install finishes the button will change to show Uninstall. The software will now appear in the start menu.
  6. If you wish to remove the software from your device select Uninstall.