IT Services provides software for computers in offices and IT Areas as well as applications you can install on your own computer. We also manage site licensed software and license and purchasing agreements for most of the software used on campus.


University computers

Software on computers in IT areas and teaching spaces

  • Software on student computers in IT Areas is reviewed annually and updated to the latest versions. A full list of installed software on these computers can be found here.
  • Centrally bookable teaching spaces have core software installed to aid teaching.



Software on staff computers connected to the wired network

  • Staff can self-install UEA site licensed software and freeware from the Software Center without any assistance from IT Support. The list of software available is constantly being updated and can be accessed by any workstation connected to the UEA wired network and using an Internet Explorer browser.
  • Requests for software not available in the Software Center should be made to the IT Service Desk. Please note, if software requires a license please complete the purchase of this license within your department or school before contacting IT Services. We will ask for proof of the license before making the software available. 
  • Instructions on how to download software yourself can be found on the Software Center help page.



Software on UEA owned computers connected to the wi-fi

  • If you are using a UEA owned computers connected to the Wi-Fi only you can install software via the Software Center but you must be connected to the UEA wired network via an ethernet (network) cable.



Personal computers

Available software for personally owned computers

If you are a student, researcher or member of staff, you can install some software packages on your personally owned computer subject to the terms of individual licences.

Installation instructions and license codes are available from UEA's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Blackboard, and then clicking on ‘UEA Software & Support' within the ‘My Organisations' section.

The following software is available to download from Blackboard:

  • ArcGIS
  • Camtasia
  • EndNote
  • LandScan Global 2015
  • Maple
  • MatLab
  • NVivo
  • SPSS Statistics

For Acrobat Professional please contact the IT Service Desk for further information.

Individual educational user licenses including Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project can be bought for staff from Softcat via UEA Purchasing.



Discounts for Students

There are several websites where students can buy software at discounted rates. The offers change frequently so it's worth checking the different sites to see if you can get a better deal on the software you're looking for.

Bilaney Consultants (for personal copies of EndNote)
Microsoft Student Store - Office 365 is included for free for all full time students and permanent staff.
Phoenix Software 
Software for Students