What is the Adobe VIP Agreement?

The Adobe VIP Agreement is an annual "subscription" programme for companies. It enables UEA to purchase Adobe licenses for an annual fee. 



When does the Adobe VIP Agreement start?

The Adobe VIP Agreement is renewed on the 1st August each year. Subscriptions started on the anniversary will be charged for 12 months. Subscriptions started after August are charged by Adobe on a pro-rata basis.



What products are available to purchase?

The Adobe VIP Agreement enables UEA to use purchase the following products;

  • Full Adobe Creative Cloud suite
  • Individual Adobe Creative Cloud products
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro



What license options are there?

There are two options:

  • Staff: Adobe require each member of staff using Adobe software to have a ‘Named user license’.
  • Student IT areas: A device license is for one machine only. It can be used by multiple student users.



How do I order an Adobe license?

You can request a quotation from our Adobe Software supplier, SoftCat, (but this is not a prerequisite for ordering) at the following address:

  • SoftCat PLC, Universal Square, Devonshire Street, Manchester, M12 6JH
  • Telephone: 0161 3939610
  • Email: joannado@softcat.com

To order an Adobe product contact the IT Service Desk and provide the following;

  • the quote (if you have obtained one)
  • a contact name
  • a contact email address
  • confirm whether the license is for staff use, or will be used in a student IT area
  • specify the Adobe product you want to subscribe to
  • a recharge code

ITCS will confirm the cost and raise a purchase order with Softcat. Once the order has been successfully placed licenses will be assigned and instructions about software installation will be sent.



What about new releases?

Latest releases for the above products are free as they are covered under the Annual subscription of the purchased license for each installation.



Home use by staff

Each ‘Named User license’ allows you to install the software on a primary work device and an additional personally owned device. The devices and Adobe license cannot be used concurrently.



What happens when the Adobe VIP Agreement expires?

A few months before the renewal of the agreement you will be contacted and asked if you would like to renew for another year. If you choose not to renew the software will stop working 1 month after the expiry date.



Technical Support

Please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.