Creating an Announcement

Select the relevant module from MY MODULES in Blackboard Learn

Select Announcements from the module menu, then Create Announcement

Enter a Subject and Message.

Under the Web announcement options, choose whether the announcement should be displayed permanently or restricted by dates.

Select the Email Announcement box to send an email of the announcement to all users. You can choose to add a course link to the announcement

The position of an announcement can be altered using the handle next to each announcement. To move an item, click and hold down the left mouse button then drag the item up or down



The notification system alerts you when events occur in your courses such as when items need grading, when new content and tests are made available, and when you have unread discussions and blogs. Notifications are generated automatically whenever their associated events occur.

Notifications are delivered in the following ways:

  • My Blackboard: the Updates page displays notifications for all of your courses and the Posts page displays unread Discussions, Blogs, Journals, and Wikis
  • Email messages: you can select this option
  • Home Page modules: within a course, the Home Page modules display notifications for that course only
  • Blackboard Mobile Learn push notifications: you can opt to have push notifications pop up on your device's screen


Manage Notification Settings

You can manage the notification settings for all of the courses you teach or are enrolled in

From the global navigation menu, click Settings, and then click Edit Notifications Settings.

Edit General Settings: Choose your email format—individual messages for each notification or daily digest—and the reminder schedule for due dates

Bulk Edit Notification Settings: Change the notification settings for all of your courses at once. You can select which notification types you want to receive and the method of delivery

Edit Individual Course Settings: Change the notification settings for a single course

Edit Individual Organization Settings: Change the notification settings for a single organization


How to Select General Notification Settings

The general settings enable you to specify whether you want to receive notifications by email and if you want due date reminders

From the Global Navigation Menu, click Settings, and then click Edit Notifications Settings

  1. On the Edit Notification Settings page, click Edit General Settings
  2. On the General Settings page, you can choose to receive an email for each notification or a daily digest email that compiles all of the notifications for that day
  3. Individual Messages: Emails are sent for each notification. The exception to this is that the digest selection is necessary for email notifications for unread discussion board messages, unread blog posts, and unread journal entries
  4. Daily Email Digest: All notifications are collected and sent once per day at a time set by your institution
  5. Click Yes to set due date reminders for notifications. Set the number of days before the due date you want to be notified. This email reminder is sent as a digest email or as individual emails, depending on the option you select
  6. Click Submit

For more detailed information on Blackboard Notifications please visit the Blackboard Help pages here