ITCS is working to disable offline files. The guide below details how you can manually switch them off on your Windows machine.


Disabling offline files

From the Start Menu click the following icon:

If Offline Files has already been disabled and it’s replacement Ivanti File Director has been installed you will receive the following message:

Clicking OK will load the user interface confirming the steps that have been taken:

The app can be safely closed at this stage by click on the X.


No offline files conflicts

If Offline Files is still active and there are no conflicts the following will be displayed allowing the button ‘Disable Offline Files’ to be clicked:

Click on ‘Disable Offline Files’. Once completed if Ivanti File Director is not already installed on your computer click on the ‘Install File Director’ button which will open the Software Centre at the Ivanti File Director app:

Once installed, when the Software Centre is closed a reboot of the computer will be started. If Ivanti File Director is already installed a reboot will start once you click on ‘Disable Offline Files’.


Offline files conflicts are present

If Offline Files conflicts are present you will not be able to proceed until they have been resolved. The following will be displayed and you can resolve conflicts by click ‘Open Sync Centre’:

Each conflict should be resolved on a case by case basis depending on if the file is still required or not. Generally files located on the device should be chosen to replace server files:

Once the Sync Centre is closed it will update the self-service app and allow Offline Files to be disabled as above.

If the disabling step fails you will receive the following error message which should be reported to the IT Service Desk: