Software updates are deployed on a regular basis to your UEA staff computer. 


Why do we do it?

In order to keep your UEA desktop or laptop running smoothly it is important that it receives all of the updates that are rolled out across campus. These updates contain fixes and improvements that allow your computer to run as fast as possible as well as providing important maintenance patches for virus protection and security settings. This limits the risk of your account or your data becoming compromised.


When do we issue updates?

ITCS roll out monthly updates to your computer. Every 3rd Tuesday the updates we have chosen to deploy will be automatically downloaded to your computer. Machines will only receive these updates when they are connected to the wired network and are switched on. All standard desktop machines should already be wired to the network but laptops should be regularly connected via an Ethernet cable or a docking station.

Occasionally updates will also be deployed outside of this schedule:

  • Should the updates be deemed of high enough importance.
  • If an update has been re-issued because the original update was causing problems.
  • If the regular 3rd Tuesday coincides with bank holidays or University holidays at Easter and Christmas.


How do updates get installed? 

Once your computer has finished downloading the new updates it will give you the opportunity to manually install them. It is recommended that you do this as soon as possible. Allowing your computer to process these changes will ensure it keeps running well.  

When the updates are ready you will see a notification appear in the lower right corner of your desktop. Clicking on the updates icon in the toolbar or selecting the notification itself will reveal the Software Center update window. 

From here you can choose to defer the install or proceed with the updates straight away. We recommend doing a manual install before a lunch break or before teaching to minimize disruption. Save your work and select to 'Apply all required changes now'. Be prepared for your computer to require a restart when you select this option.  

If you wish to delay the installation simply click 'Remind me later'. 


What happens if I don't install the updates?  

If you choose to defer the installation of the updates it will perform a forced install on the 3rd Friday of the month (following the Tuesday rollout). If you have a newer computer that is capable of advanced power management the install will take place at 6am. These newer computers are now in place across approximately 30% of the campus with more being added. If your computer is off at 6am it will automatically switch on to install the updates. If the computer has been left switched on it will process the updates immediately after the 6am deadline. Please be aware that a restart may be required. Any unsaved work left open will be lost. 

Older computers will force the install of updates at 1pm (3rd Friday). You will receive notification of this event and may see a count-down appear for a pending restart. Please be aware that most updates will require a restart no later than 8 hours after the installation deadline has passed. Any unsaved work may be lost during this process. It is for this reason that we strongly recommend you choose to install updates as soon as possible after their deployment. If your computer has been switched off during the deployment process the updates will install as soon as possible after the Friday 1pm deadline. Please be aware of any notifications warning you of pending restarts to your computer. 


Teaching Spaces 

Please note that the above procedure does not apply to teaching room/lecture theatre computers. These computers are updated overnight so that teaching is not disrupted.