Moving email from a .pst file to your Office365 account 

Office 365 comes with large email quotas and allows you to access all of your email on any computer. Before Office365, you sometimes had to archive email in PST files – these are no longer recommended for the following reasons; 

  • Microsoft does not support storing active PST files on network shares. 
  • PST files stored on hard-drives or removable storage devices are not backed-up. 
  • Large PST files are prone to corruption which will likely lead to data loss. 
  • Emails may contain sensitive data. Storing emails in PST files make it easier for someone to take this data.

Please be aware, the creation of new PST files is now disabled at UEA.

Please consider if you still require this information. UEA has a Records Management Policy that provides guidance regarding this. 

If you no longer require the information stored in the PST file please delete it. 

This guide will tell you how to import an old PST email archive file into your main Office 365 account.

At the top of the Outlook program click on the File option in the top left hand corner.

Then select Open & Export > Import/Export. This will start a wizard to guide you through the process.

Choose Import from another program or file, and then click Next.

Choose Outlook Data File (.pst) and click Next.

Please note: Most UEA PST files are stored in U:\Documents\Outlook Files

Browse to the .pst file you want to import. Under Options, choose how you want to deal with emails and contacts, then choose Next.

If you want to import the entire .pst file, select the main folder containing all subfolders then select the checkbox labelled Include subfolders


You can Expand the Outlook Data File until you see a specific folder with the emails you want to import, Select that folder.  Then select the checkbox labeled Include subfolders

Finally, select the option labelled Import items into the current folder and click Finish.  

Choose Finish. Outlook starts importing the contents of your .pst file immediately. It's finished when the progress box goes away.

After you have imported PST files to Office365, please delete PST files to help protect data.