Policy consultation and register Policy consultation and register

Information Services creates and maintains a number of policies and documents relating to IT and Library services and information compliance. All current approved policies are listed in the document register. Draft new and revised policies offered for consultation are available from this web page prior to their approval and inclusion in the register.

Document register

The register lists all current documents created by ISD which have managed review and update cycles. This includes documents of the following types: strategies, policies, procedures and guidelines. For each document, the title, description, web link, authorising body, review status and latest version and approval date are listed.

Draft policies offered for consultation

The following draft policies are offered for comment. Use the supplied email link to give feedback.
Name Description Link Close date

New and recently approved policies

The following approved policies have recently been added to or updated in the document register.
Name Description Version Link Approval date
HLISP High level information security policy 2.0 HLISP 20/10/17
GISP General information security policy 5.0 GISP 20/10/17
Email and web address naming Policy Policy on naming standards and procedures for email and web addresses 3.1 Email and web address naming policy 20/6/17
Environmental Information Regulations Policy Policy on the application of the EIRs 2004 3.0 EIR policy 13/6/17
Freedom of Information Act Policy Policy on the application of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 5.0 FOIA policy 13/6/17
Information Classification and Data Management Policy As required by GISP11. Definition of an information class scheme: open, confidential, secret, to be used on all information. 4.0 Information Classification and Data Management policy 13/6/17
Records Management Policy Policy on records management practices 4.0 Records Management Policy 20/09/19
Face to Face and MOTO Card Payment Security Policy Policy on the use of hardware payment terminals (or PIN entry devices) to take face to face and MOTO card payments. Supports PCI compliance 5.0 Face to Face and MOTO Card Payment Security policy 13/6/17
E-commerce Security Policy Policy on taking card payments via e-commerce. Supports PCI compliance 4.0 E-commerce Security policy 13/6/17
Conditions of Computer Use The conditions of computer use apply to all computer users at the University. Each year they are reviewed and updated in time for the start of the next academic year 17/18 COCU 13/6/17