ISD Strategy 2014-19 ISD Strategy 2014-19

The ISD Strategy identifies core priorities for the next five years, and sets aims and objectives for new developments and improvements. In producing the strategy, we have drawn from the following sources:
  • The Corporate Plan and Learning and Teaching Strategy
  • The output from the ISD User Survey and NSS
  • Review of sector specific futures reviews such as Educause Horizon Report 2014, UCISA Strategic Challenges for IT Services 2013, Sconul strategy 2012-15
  • A scenario planning workshop with members of ISSC
  • Development of the outputs from the scenario planning workshop with ISD Heads of Service
  • Strategic planning away day with ISD Management Team

We consulted on the draft strategy with the ISD Heads of Service, IT Forum, Library Forum, ISD Education Board, and ISD Research Board. It was approved by the Information Strategy and Services Committee (ISSC) at their 10 June 2014 meeting.