SAN Storage SAN Storage

San storage is provided for servers with hba connectivity via a brocade dual fabric to virtualised IBM storage, giving SAS, SATA and FC depending on performance needs.

This provides secure connectivity between the server and storage independent of the Ethernet network.

NFS exports from IBM Nseries can also be provided with the benefits of snapshots.

Available Features

Raid 5 and 6 resilience with hot spare coverage is provided depending on the performance/cost requirements.

Remote replication

Data served by the IBM Nseries can be replicated to a remote site for extra resilience, (The storage cost is doubled in this scenario).

Supported operating systems

Windows server 2003

Windows server 2008 and R2

RHEL 5.x

SUSE Linux Enterprise


Storage Type Included Features Yearly Cost/TB 5 Yearly Cost/TB
FC Raid 5   £5,515
SATA Raid 6   £840
Nseries Raid,snapshots,NFS,CIFS   £1,260

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