Central Filestore Central Filestore

Simple, secure centrally managed storage

Available to users with access to a PC/MAC on the UEA network, or externally via VPN.

Central filestore is provided by IBM N5600 Nas Gateways located in our data centres, with back end storage from IBM DS5000s virtualized using IBM SAN Volume Controllers.


Snapshots are taken regularly throughout the day. This allows users to restore their own files by right clicking on the folder from which the restore is required, and selecting properties and then the previous versions tab.

Tape backups consist of nightly differentials and weekend full's which are retained for 28 days.

Restores can be requested via the Helpdesk.

Snapshot Schedule

Schedule  Created Number retained
Hourly 8am, 12pm and 4pm 4
Nightly Each night at midnight 7


Staff 10GB
Postgraduate 10GB
Researchers 50GB
Undergraduate / INTO 5GB

Further information

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