Windows 10 comes with a built-in assistant called Cortana that can help you quickly find your installed apps and programs. It is found next to the Start button in the bottom left corner (as seen below).








Cortana can be displayed as either a small circle or a search bar.

To change how it is displayed, right click on the Cortana icon/Search box, select Cortana in the menu and choose either Show Cortana icon or Show search box.








To open Cortana just click on the Cortana icon or search box. This will open the assistant.















Here you can search for apps and programs on your PC. This saves you from having to search for them via the Start menu.
















You can also use the search function in the Start menu. Just open the Start menu and start typing for the app or program you are looking for. If it is installed on your PC it will show it in the list.















You can also activate the Cortana Notebook feature by selecting the Notebook tab to the left of the menu. It will ask you to login with a Microsoft account. You can currently only use a personal Microsoft account rather than your UEA Office 365 Account.












More information and hints and tips can be found at the Microsoft Cortana website.