After upgrading to Windows 10 you will have noticed that the default programs that you may have been used to have been changed to the Microsoft defaults. An example of this is Edge being used as the default web browser and PDF viewer. The below should help guide you through customising your default programs.


Choosing Default Apps

Choosing Default Apps by File Type


Choosing Default Apps

1. In the Start menu select the Settings cog.


2. In the Windows Settings window select System.


3. Select Default apps from the left-hand menu.


4. Here you can choose which programs you wish to use for various functions. For example, when you select the button under Web browser you can choose which installed browser you want to use:



Choosing Default Apps by File Type

The following steps show you how to choose the default program for different files types. A good example of this is changing the default PDF viewer from Microsoft Edge to Adobe Reader.


1. Repeat steps 1 to 3 above.


2. At the bottom of the Default apps window select the Choose default applications by file type link.


3. Scroll to the file type you wish customise and click on the program currently in use. In the drop-down select the program you would prefer to use. This example shows how to set the default PDF viewer to Adobe Reader from Microsoft Edge.

4. Once you have chosen your preferred program simply close the Window and your default will be saved automatically.