SPSS Statistics SPSS Statistics

What is SPSS?

SPSS is a general purpose statistical package which provides a broad range of data manipulation, presentation and statistical capabilities, applicable across a range of academic disciplines. It is well used throughout the University both for research and for teaching. 

Availability and installation

SPSS Statistics is available via the Application Catalogue and is installed on all workstations in IT Areas. The site license at UEA enables install and use of SPSS on both University owned equipment and staff/student personally owned computers, providing it is only used for UEA work purposes and all use is compliant with the license conditions. 

Staff and students must remove the software from personally owned computers when they leave UEA. 

Versions of SPSS available at UEA are:

Version 22 PC and MAC (Download via Blackboard)

Installations on University owned equipment are free of charge. All users installing SPSS on computers are required to agree to the license terms and conditions before downloading the software.

Stand-alone installation on personally owned PCs/Macs and PCs/Macs used off network

A site authorization code has to be applied and updated annually with this type of install. The install files and code are made available to you via BlackBoard.

Earlier versions of SPSS

Authorization codes for SPSS are only available for the current and previous releases. Current versions are backwards compatible to version 18. The university is unable to obtain authorisations codes for previous versions.

Renewal of annual site authorization code

Renewal of the annual site authorization code is done automatically on installations on the Staff and Student Desktops which are under Active Directory control. All other installations have a site authorization code applied to them which expires on 30th November each year. The new code is available via Blackboard.