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The IT helpdesk only provides support for Matlab installation and licensing problems, it does not provide support in how to use Matlab. For support/instruction in how to use Matlab you should seek advice in your School, refer to the manuals available for reference in the Library, or consult support on the Mathworks web-site at

You can report installation and licensing problems to the IT Helpdesk, but first look at the Matlab FAQ and/or the support on the Mathworks web-site. If reporting a problem to the helpdesk, please give full details: nature of problem, any error numbers or messages displayed, the version and the operating system it is running on.

There is a newsgroup and Mathworks have support documents available on their web site.

Useful resources

Toolbox for calculating ocean salinity and density

There is a free Matlab toolbox for calculating ocean salinity and density which may be useful for those engaged in oceanographic research. Details of the software and the download page is at: . This toolbox is also installed with Matlab on the High Performance Computing cluster.