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What is the Application Catalogue?

The Application Catalogue is a self-service application delivery system allowing end-users to install software from a catalogue on their systems without requiring admin rights. This reduces the need for admin rights on Windows desktops, improving security. 

This also removes the need for IT Technicians to be involved when a user requires a software installation, providing a time saving for both the end user and for technicians. Modern software packaging techniques allow for software to be added to the catalogue at speed. 

Application virtualisation technology is used where appropriate to enhance the delivery of these applications and allow co-existence of applications without issue and simpler management of 3rd party products such as additional Web browsers.

What is available via the Application Catalogue?

All UEA authenticated users in staff areas are able to access and able to install software contained within the Application Catalogue. Software available will be all UEA site licensed and freeware software. Available software can be seen from within the Application Catalogue when using a workstation on the UEA network and using Internet Explorer browser. 

How  do I access the Application Catalogue

To access the Application Catalogue for the first time from the Start button on your pc select All Programs and then UEA Application Catalogue. A helpsheet on using the Application Catalogue is available. 


Key Documents,

Project plan
Helpsheet on using the Application Catalogue
List of available software