Software requests for inclusion in learning spaces and IT Labs



ITCS have reviewed the currently installed software deployed to UEA Learning Spaces and IT Labs. There are 106 items of software deployed which we need to consolidate for the forthcoming academic year, to optimise this service. We need your help with this process.


Requesting existing software deployments

If you will require any software for the next academic year (2019-20), please complete the feedback form HERE.

You must do this regardless of whether the software is already deployed, or not.


Existing Software Deployments

If we do not receive a request, via the feedback form, indicating the requirement for an existing software deployment for the academic year 2019/20, we will remove that software deployment.


Requesting NEW software deployments

If you wish to request a new software deployment, please also complete these details onto the feedback form.



Friday 17th May 2019. Once received, we will review your request(s) and contact you if we require additional information.


Deploying software requests

We will begin our software deployment programme, to UEA Learning Spaces and IT Labs, on Monday 17 June 2019.


Late Requests

Any requests received after Friday 17 May 2019 will always be considered for deployment but we cannot guarantee to accommodate the request by the start of the new academic year.