Questions frequently asked about PrintPlus+ Questions frequently asked about PrintPlus+

What new features can I use?

  • Print, copy and scan is available on each PrintPlus+ device.
  • Scan to email provides a free alternative to print and copy.
  • You can send jobs to print by email.
  • You can send jobs to print from mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows).
  • Printing is quicker. To release a job you will just need to walk up to a PrintPlus+ device, touch your campus card on the card reader and follow the instructions. This will be particularly valuable at busy periods when lots of people are printing at the same time.
  • We will be providing PrintPlus+ devices on each floor of the reading floors in the Library.

How sustainable is the service?

  • PrintPlus+ devices are set to duplex printing as default, so your documents will print on both sides of the paper. Based on past behaviour and usage 1 million sheets of paper may be saved per year.
  • 100% recycled FSC certified paper is used now used after consultation with the Student Union environmental officer.

Will you provide PrintPlus+ devices in other areas of the campus?

  • We are working with departments who are running their own print solutions to see if they are interested in moving over to PrintPlus+. You will be informed of any changes before they happen.

Why are print charges going up?

Only the cost of printing in mono (black and white) is rising. The cost of printing in colour and any photocopying is coming down.

PrintPlus+ Charges One sided  Two sided
A4 mono print and copy 5p 8p
A4 colour print and copy 25p 40p
A3 mono print and copy 10p 16p
A3 colour print and copy 50p 80p
Scan to email Free  
  • The total cost of providing the service is increasing:
    • PrintPlus+ devices provide additional functionality but are more expensive to run than LaserJet printers.
    • After consultation with the Student Union and sustainability groups we are now using recycled paper. This is more expensive but is better for the environment and results in fewer paper jams and waste.
  • There have been no price changes since 2008. These changes bring UEA in-line with the top ten universities in the Guardian league table 2015 for print and copy charges.