IT Service Desk IT Service Desk

‌Our IT Service Desk is an integral part of the IT Service providing helpful, friendly, professional and customer-focused point of contact for all IT queries. 

Enquiries In person  Telephone Support
Monday - Friday 09.00-19.00 08.30-18.00
Saturday & Sunday 12.00-19.00 Voicemail only


Should I call, email or use self-service?

The IT Service Desk offers different types of support.

Urgent queries are best dealt with by telephone, but some instructions are easier to follow on screen.

Call us if….

  • You have a problem in a teaching space
  • You have an IT security incident, such as a virus or your IT account has been compromised
  • You are unable to work
  • You have an urgent deadline
  • A problem is affecting a large number of colleagues
  • A problem is affecting a ‘business critical’ service

When is the best time to call the IT Service Desk?

If you would like to speak to us, but it is not urgent, use the chart below to find out the best time to call us on the telephone.

How to find us

The IT Service Desk is in the middle of campus, on floor 0 of the Library.

Contact us

Self-log: via > How do I > Log an IT enquiry
Telephone: 01603 592345
Twitter: @ueait

Please note

  • Support for personal computers or laptops is limited. Wherever possible we will help you to access UEA resources.
  • Students should contact their tutor for support in using ‘teaching software; such as SPSS, , Maple, ArcGIS etc.