The University has a managed service contract with DTP Group to supply and install Hewlett Packard (HP) desktop and laptop PCs until 2019.

Key service features include:

  • A 5 day a week installation service with a DTP engineer onsite full-time.
  • 2 hour windows for installations
  • Same day response to warranty calls raised before 14:00
  • Buffer stock held onsite and offsite to shorten lead times
  • Extended warranty agreements compared to consumer products


Choosing a device

The University has tested and approved a set of desktop and laptop devices that can be purchased. A buyer's guide provides details of the desktop and laptops available and their costs:

Desktop or laptop models not in the Buyer’s Guide have not been tested by UEA and may not be compatible with UEA systems. DTP have been instructed not to process orders for devices that are not in the Buyer’s Guide.

If you require a desktop or laptop not listed within the UEA Buyer’s Guide, please request this on the IT Service Desk portal, providing the following information:

  • A brief outline of your requirements
  • What it is you are trying to achieve
  • What level of support you may require
  • The specification of device that is recommended for the project, or role, that you are undertaking

Your email will be forwarded to our Business Relationship Manager for review. The more information you can provide us with the quicker we can help you with a purchase.

Exceptions can be granted if:

  • You have an occupational health statement that supports the purchase of a different model
  • DTP Group cannot meet the specific IT need of your project or role


Important update – April 2019

The global shortage of Intel chips (used in desktops and laptops) continues to effect supply across all manufacturers. Supply levels are expected to increase in mid-2019. UEA has now moved to new generation models of desktops and laptops where supply levels are better. 

I am waiting for my order. When will it be available, should I change the order

Stock availability for the majority of open orders has improved with only minor delays now expected. Please contact with any queries you may have, they will provide an estimated delivery date.

Is Brexit likely to impact supply further?

Desktops and laptops are manufactured outside of EU. Supply is not expected to be directly impacted by Brexit. 

What models are available to buy?

The Buyer’s Guide for Desktops and Laptops has been updated with all the information you may need. Newer generation desktops and laptop models have been selected. In cases where a model has been retired by the manufacturer, an alternative model has been made available.  

Have the prices changed?

A price increase of approximately 3% has taken place on some models. All price increases are reviewed and ratified by the purchasing framework.

Will devices arrive before the end of the UEA financial year (31/07/2019)

Customers are also advised to place orders as soon as possible to help protect against supply issues.

When does the DTP Group contract expire?

The current contract expires on the 31st July 2019. A short extension may be applied to help ease demand and supply pressures at the end of our financial year. ITCS will provide more updates and consult with the stakeholders on this contract.

Ordering Process

  • If you need a quote, please email: with your required device model or specification
  • When you are ready to order, complete an Installation information spreadsheet and attach this to orders raised through ABW. The information in this spreadsheet is needed for booking installation appointments and invoicing purposes. Submitting this information with your order can help to speed up the delivery process.
  • If you are purchasing a computer for a new member of staff who has not yet started at UEA, please also complete the Installation information spreadsheet and provide the details of a member of staff who will co-ordinate the installation process. Submitting this information with your order can help to speed up the delivery process.
  • If you require a non-managed, ‘Off-campus’ build please state ‘Service Bundle 8’ on the purchase order. There are multiple services that an off-campus device cannot access and additional responsibilities that the user of the device, must accept. We strongly recommend that you contact us, via the IT Service Desk portal, for details of these.


Delivery Information

‘Fast Track’ - delivery and installation within 5-10 days available

Desktops and laptops are available for delivery and installation within 5-10 working days. To qualify for Fast Track, you must

  • Select the base configuration
  • Supply the user details (including installation location) when submitting your UEA Purchase Order – See Ordering Process below.

These devices are held in buffer stock.

‘Configured to order’ - delivery and installation timescales

If you upgrade a component on the device DTP Group will order the device from HP. The lead time from HP to DTP Group is 10-12 working days for desktops and 15-18 working days for laptops. The devices are then built with UEA software and DTP are ready to book an installation slot with you. Choose a Fast Track device if you need it quickly.


Installation and Support

Installations are carried out by a DTP Group engineer working to an agreed university process. Your new computer will be connected to the UEA wired network and you will be able to print to network printers. You will be shown how to access the UEA Application Catalogue so that you can download software that you need and will be able to access all files that have been stored on network shares. If you require any additional software, which IT Support has previously installed on your old device, installed on to your new device, please request this on the IT Service Desk portal.


Secure IT Equipment Recycling Service

The DTP Group engineer will dispose of your old device for you in line with UEA disposal procedures. The device will be securely held in ITCS for 2 weeks. After this, it will be securely transported to DTP Group’s storage unit for another 2 weeks. During this 4 week period you can request the device is returned to you. We will need the serial number of the device to locate it. Please request this on the IT Service Desk portal, including the serial number of the device.

NOTE: Please do not put any IT equipment into any waste bins around campus, including electrical waste bins. Doing this can constitute a data breach. Instead, please request removal of old or unwanted IT equipment (desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, scanners and most IT accessories) via the IT Service Desk portal.