Choosing a device

The University has tested and approved a set of desktop and laptop devices that can be purchased to run Linux Ubuntu here at UEA.

By selecting a limited set of desktop and laptop models the University benefits from lower prices, a common set of features that can be more easily supported, and a more comprehensive warranty process.

All systems which are intended to run Linux, must be purchased through the IT Linux team here at UEA.

The following Buyer’s guide details all of the currently approved systems, which the IT Linux team have tested.

Should you wish to purchase a Linux device please email giving full details of your requirements i.e. I would like to purchase system X from the Buyer’s guide or I would like to purchase system X from the Buyer’s guide, but add more memory.

DTP have been instructed not to process orders for Linux devices, which have not been ordered through the IT Linux team.



Standard specification desktops & laptops, available in the buyers guide, will be delivered within 14 & 20 working days respectively. The IT Linux team will then liaise with you with regard to installation.


Installation and support

Installations are carried out by the UEA IT Linux team. Your new computer will be connected to the UEA wired network and you will be given a basic overview and introduction to using the UEALinux desktop if required.


Ordering Process

  • Email IT Linux with your requirements
  • IT Linux will obtain a quotation for you
  • IT Linux will discuss and verify that you are happy with the quotation
  • IT Linux will ask you to complete the installation information spreadsheet so that you can attach this to the order when raised through ABW.