Important update – April 2019

The global shortage of Intel chips (used in desktops and laptops) continues to effect supply across all manufacturers. Supply levels are expected to increase in mid-2020. UEA has now moved to new generation models of desktops and laptops where supply levels are better. For more information please see our Intel® Supply Constraints page

I am waiting for my order. When will it be available, should I change the order

Stock availability for the majority of open orders is currently subject to Intel constraints, please see link to notice above. Please contact projectuea@dtpgroup.co.uk with any queries you may have, they will provide an estimated delivery date.

Is Brexit likely to impact supply further?

Desktops and laptops are manufactured outside of EU. Supply is not expected to be directly impacted by Brexit. 

Will Coronavirus affect my order?

We are receiving reports, from London Universities Purchasing Consortium (LUPC) regarding the impact of Coronavirus on the IT Supply chain. The extent of issues we may encounter are not fully known yet.

Senior Category Manager, Mike Kilner (LUPC) has issues the following update on NDNA Supply Chain <Link to document>

Updated: 13 Feb 2020

What models are available to buy?

The Buyer’s Guide for Desktops and Laptops has been updated with all the information you may need. Newer generation desktops and laptop models have been selected. In cases where a model has been retired by the manufacturer, an alternative model has been made available.  

Have the prices changed?

A price increase of approximately 3% has taken place on some models. All price increases are reviewed and ratified by the purchasing framework.

When does the DTP Group contract expire?

The current contract expires on the 31st July 2020. A short extension has been applied to help ease demand and supply pressures. ITCS will provide more updates and consult with the stakeholders on this contract.