This page provide step-by-step instructions for UEA Staff and Students to access UEA central UNIX Services through the Internet.

Secure access requires the download and installation of a free terminal emulation application called PuTTy. PuTTy provides the means to encrypt data through Secure Shell Communication Protocol (SSH), and offers the possibility of faster data transfers. Both UEA Staff and Student desktops have PuTTy installed as default; go to Start > All Programs > UEA Network Applications > SSH Login (Putty). Try familiarising yourself with the client before installing at home.


Downloading the Software Client 

PuTTy an open source development is available to download in beta form from:

IMPORTANT: If you are using the client to connect from a foreign country (outside the UK), please note the legal warning at the top of the download page. 

While the PuTTy client is suggested to establish a secure connection, the UEA cannot advise on the encryption laws of countries outside the UK, and is not responsible for the breach of any such laws through using the software. It is the sole responsibility of the user to check their national laws before use.
If you have any questions, please contact the IT Helpdesk, using the contact details at the end of this document.

On the download page, look for the putty.exe link for your Operating System.

Save the client to your desktop. As this runs as an executable application it does not need to be installed on your machine.


Using the PuTTY Client 

To open PuTTy, simply double click it on your desktop and choose the run action if prompted.

Set your login up on the PuTTy configuration window; for Staff and Postgraduates complete Host Name (or IP Address) with, while Undergraduates should login to Leave Port as 22, and protocol: as SSH.

The client is now configured to login correctly and you can use the Open button to initialise this, however we recommend you save your session to prevent the need to configure the login each time. Complete the Saved Session field with an appropriate name and click the Save button. 

Highlight your saved session, click Load, and then Open to start the login process. Click Yes to any PuTTy Security Alert, you should see this alert the first time you attempt a login. The terminal emulator window will prompt you with login as://, complete your UEA username and hit Enter. Complete your UEA password and hit Enter again to complete the security aspect of the login.

When prompted with the message What DISPLAY are you using [default: none] ?, hit Enter through this to finalise the login. You have now completed your login and can use the service as intended. To logout, either type exit or use the cross in the top right of the emulator window.